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This Colorado Springs family moved into their home and were excited for their kids to have their own rooms and space in the bottom level of their tri-level home. With a sump pump already installed in the lower level, they assumed their home would be protected from water intrusion. They soon found that when a heavy moisture event occurred, water was coming into their kids bedrooms and closets! After repeated flooding issues, they cut off the finished drywall and pulled back the carpet to see where the water was coming from. Even with it all pulled back, the homeowners had to sweep water into the sump pump, as it couldn’t get there on it’s own! That’s when they called Peak Structural to perform a free estimate to solve their water concerns.

basement defense waterproofing system colorado springs peak structural
Water is coming in where these two walls meet in the lower level of this Colorado Springs tri-level home.

When design specialist, Peter Crain went to inspect the home, he found the water was mostly coming in where two of the lower level exterior walls meet, as well as around a window that had a very large window well installed. The existing sump pump was functional, but if water can’t get to the pump, it doesn’t do any good!

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Basement Defense Waterproofing System


Peter recommended the Peak Structural Basement Defense waterproofing system to capture the water from the walls as well as any water from the ground and pipe it directly to the sump pump. By adding the Bright Space liner, this ensured any water seepage through the walls would be directed to the Basement Defense system and NOT onto the home finishings and belongings.

After the concrete cures, these homeowners can re-finish these walls and know that their home will stay dry with the Basement Defense Waterproofing System!

Because they went with Peak Structural to remedy their basement flooding, the homeowners received a lifetime, transferable warranty. This provided them with peace of mind knowing that the problem was permanently fixed!

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