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basement waterproofingChallenge

These Colorado Springs homeowners were attempting to sell their home, but knew that would be difficult due to the basement flooding every time it rained. That’s when they called Peak Structural to perform a free estimate to solve their water woes.

When design specialist Peter Crain went to inspect the home, he found a nicely finished basement that had water seeping in at the slab level in multiple locations. There was an existing sump pump, but it was not adequate for the amount of water coming in during even minor rains.


Peak Structural began this project by installing a full perimeter Water Guard System(175 Feet). They also installed a Triple Safe Sump System and a SuperSump Pump. Here’s how the system works: WaterGuard is a piping system that can be installed into any type of foundation that will catch any water that seeps in at the slab level on any of the foundation walls. The WaterGuard system then drains into either the Super Sump Pump, which replaced the existing sump pump in the bedroom, or into the Triple Safe Sump Pump in the utility room. The Triple Safe Sump System is a three pump system, so if the first pump fails, the second pump is automatically turned on. If there is too high of a volume of water in the first two pumps or the power goes out, the overflow is sent to the third battery-operated pump. The water is then pumped out of the basement and drained away from the home, which ensures that the home’s basement finishes can be restored and will never get wet again.

Because they went with Peak Structural to remedy their basement flooding, the homeowners received a lifetime, transferable warranty. This means they can now sell their home with peace of mind knowing that the problem was permanently fixed and they will never be contacted by the new homeowners regarding water in their basement.