If you haven’t prepared your home for winter, you may have a haunted house without having to buy any decorations. Here are 4 ways to make your home a little less creepy before winter. 

1. Creepy Cracks 

Is your driveway, patio, or sidewalks filled with creepy-crawly cracks that would scare away even the cutest trick-or-treater? Not filling those cracks could be dangerous! In the winter, the snow will expand those cracks, creating trip hazards that can be costly to repair later on. Seal those cracks before they get worse, so you can enjoy a safe and happy holiday.

2. Freaky Foundation

Does your floor make spooky noises every time you step? Have you noticed your home starting to rip at the seams? Your home’s foundation could be crumbling before your very eyes. If that’s not enough to make you scream, the costly repair from neglecting these problems definitely will. Lifted floors caused by shifting foundation makes your floorboards creaky. Save yourself from the headache and get an inspection if you see these signs. 

3. Sealing Spidey Spaces

Nothing makes a home more uncomfortable during the winter than a nagging, chilly and haunting draft. Your home could be stripped from the weather from the previous seasons. This includes your attic’s insulation, separating windows, and even your basement or crawl space. A thorough inspection can point out all of the weak points in your home before winter.  If you haven’t encapsulated your crawl space, that may be the place to start. Don’t worry, a trained Peak Structural Design Specialist will go in and remove all the cobwebs and creepy crawlies.

4. Batty Basement

Are you terrified to go down to your own basement? If your basement is not waterproofed, I can’t blame you. Your home may already be haunted by a mold infestation. Summer rains could have caused excess water to ooze into your home through unseen cracks. Have a professional come by to check and seal off any and all cracks as well as remove excess moisture from your home. That way when you’re drinking hot cocoa nice and cozy in your home, you’re not also breathing in nasty air.

If these repair preparations don’t scare you in the least, you may be comfortable living in a haunted house. However, if it left a chilling effect, it’s time to call your local repair specialists at Peak Structural and leave the spookiness behind!