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This weekend Peak Structural had their own both at set up at the Norris-Penrose Event Center in Colorado Springs for the Home Building and Remodeling Show. All people of all ages were there. Many different booths from many different companies showing off their products were placed wall to wall in the space. There were booths for windows, carpet, hot tubs, garden ponds, custom lights, and so much more. You were surrounded by chatty business men while the kids enjoyed the concession stand at the front. Women were shopping around and enjoying the crafts they found to decorate their homes.

Once into the event, down the second row and on your right you would’ve spotted a big blue and white wall with the Peak Structural logo towering over you. We had our booth with a raffle, as well as, samples and pictures on display. You could walk into our area and take a look at our massive wall of services and products. There were team members available to ask a team member questions and set appointments.

With the laughter, chatter, and browsing there were many people entering and exiting this event with smiles. It was a great weekend for Peak Structural and their Team. Thank you to everyone who came out we hope you enjoyed yourselves!