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The Christmas TESSA Toy Drive was a success! Peak Structural, along with other contributors, was able to help 28 kids in our community.

Below is a beautiful letter sharing the experience:

If a butterfly flaps its wings…

I like to think that the small choices we make each day contribute to the life we lead. I have to believe this in order to live a happy life, one that is filled with more laughter and love than tears and heartache. With that being said my favorite meal to cook every year is our Friends Thanksgiving, it is one meal out of hundreds that I prepare but undoubtedly has the largest effect on people’s lives. This year our friends and family joined together in laughter and love to gather 185 toys for children they may never meet or perhaps bumped into at the store earlier that day…that’s the fantastic thing about helping someone that can never thank you. You and your donation helped 28 kiddos feel the compassion of a community that will not idly stand by when there is sadness that can be helped. My friends, you are my Bufferfly Effect and for that I am forever grateful.

With all the love one card can hold-
Thank you!