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There are many reasons a wall can begin to bow inward. The culprit can vary from tree roots and water intrusion, to the settling and shifting of the soil right around your foundation. Whatever the case may be, the Foundation Supportworks Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System can not only permanently stop the wall from bowing further, but can also be adjusted over time to help straighten the wall.

First, a hole is dug on the exterior of the home, where there is stable soil. A small hole is then drilled on the interior of the wall and a galvanized steel rod is pushed to the pre-dug hole outside, where the wall anchor is attached and buried. A wall plate is attached to the interior rod and tightened against the wall. Lastly, the sod is replaced over the exterior hole, and a tightening kit is given to the homeowner so the wall can be straightened further over time.

Geo-Lock Wall Anchors do not take long to install and are accompanied by a lifetime, transferable warranty. Give Peak Structural a call today to schedule your free estimate!

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