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Do anyone of these sound familiar when it comes to your crawlspace?

-Cold floors above?

-Musty odors?

-Uneven dirt floors?

-Insect and rodent intrusion?

If you answered yes to any(or all!) of these, the CleanSpace crawlspace encapsulation system might be just for you!

First, the soils in the crawlspace are leveled, if needed, before Drainage Matting is laid down. Drainage Matting is a dimple board that ensures that the CleanSpace vapor barrier is kept away from any water intrusion below.

Next, TerraBlock, a 3/4″ thick foam insulation sheet, is placed over the Drainage Matting. TerraBlock is puncture resistant, helps to retain heat through the floor of the crawlspace, and adds cushioning, which means no more bruised hands and knees while putting your Christmas decorations away!

At this point, SilverGlo, an expanded polystyrene foam insulator, is installed along all walls of the crawlspace. SilverGlo has a radiant heat barrier side, which can help to boost energy saving significantly.

Lastly, the CleanSpace vapor barrier is laid across all previous layers and attached to the SilverGlo using CleanSpace tape, which is specially designed to adhere and stay to both the vapor barrier as well as the SilverGlo insulation.

The final product? A beautiful crawlspace.(Bet you never thought you would hear those two words together!)

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