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So, needless to say, if you aren’t addressing the real reason for a sinking slab…(ahem)…the soil….you’re not really addressing anything.

That’s how PolyLEVEL differs from all the rest.

PolyLEVEL FACT #1: PolyLEVEL addresses the soil by infiltration. Shot beneath your slab at 170 degress farenheit, PolyLEVEL permeates the soils below. After 7-15 seconds, the foam expands in all directions at a very rapid rate, compacting that loose, settling, backfill soil downward even more.

PolyLEVEL Fact #2: It’s a Waterproofing Agent! Because the soil beneath the slab has been pumped with our Polyurethane mixture, it no longer will react to high amounts of water from heavy rains & melting snow, poorly placed downspouts, and negative grading. After fully expanding to the edge of your slab, PolyLEVEL creates a dam stopping water from enter from the sides and ensuring your slab stays put.

PolyLEVEL Fact #3: Once all voids and gaps have been filled, your slab is now stabilized from further settlement! And in just 15 minutes after injection, the slab is secure enough to be driven on — as opposed to 7 days of curing with Mudjacking & Replacement.