Charles called Peak Structural to fix his uneven porch. The large gaps had become a major eyesore for him and he wanted them gone. Peak Structural went in and leveled the slabs using PolyLevel.

Nancy loved her home, but the front porch had become quite an eye sore for her. The large and noticeable crack between the steps was a problem that she wanted gone. When Nancy called Peak Structural, a design specialist was scheduled to visit Nancy’s home to find a solution. The solution was PolyLevel. After the initial appointment Nancy decided to have PolyLevel injected into the problem spot. In the end Nancy was incredibly happy with the results. Not only was the crack no longer visible, but its root cause had also been fixed by using PolyLevel.

Kristen is the home owner of a very lovely home in Colorado Springs, CO. Over the last couple of years, she had noticed a gap between her steps becoming larger. Wanting to find the best option to repair her steps, she contacted Peak Structural for a free estimate. An expert design specialist was sent out to her home to inspect the issue and explained to Kristen that her bottom steps were settling, creating a large gap between her top stairs. As the best and most effective option, he recommended she choose the PolyLevel Injection to raise and stabilize the bottom stairs. After hearing and seeing what the product could do, she decided to move forward and is thrilled with the results!

Aaron and Wendy are the homeowners of a lovely Colorado Springs home. Recently, they had some issues with water getting into their basement. Not sure where it was coming from or how it was happening, they decided to contact a professional. Aaron and Wendy scheduled a free estimate with Peak Structural hoping for an honest and trustworthy opinion. An expert design specialist was sent to the home and after an evaluation, he diagnosed the problem. The concrete slabs on Aaron and Wendy’s patio were settling, which was allowing water to seep through and enter the basement below. As the best option, the expert recommended that the Polylevel Injection be used to stabilize the slabs and to use Nexuspro to seal the cracks. Wanting to improve their home and prevent water damage, the homeowners decided to move forward with the products and are thrilled they did!

By injecting polyurethane foam, we were able to lift the front porch back to its original position.

Carol’s driveway slabs were uneven and knew that they were only going to get worse. Anxious to fix this eyesore and tripping hazard, she called the experts at Peak Structural. Our team leveled her sinking driveway slab for good with PolyLevel, a modern alternative to mudjacking.

It is apparent that this sinking concrete slab needed to be fixed by a professional. After the homeowner, Mary, contacted Peak Structural, a Design Specialist was sent out to the house to assess the situation. Noticing the problem instantly, our specialist determined that the best solution for Mary was the PolyLevel system. With this product, Peak Structural was able to lift the concrete slab, stabilizing the foundation.

Darla has an older home in Colorado Springs with an attached garage that keeps her car warm during the winter months. Unfortunately, a large gap has appeared between the bottom of her garage door and concrete floor. Worried that her entire foundation may be settling, she called an expert at Peak Structural to schedule an appointment. Peak Structural Inc. scheduled her a comprehensive, free inspection to let her know her issues and the solutions. The expert arrived promptly and inspected the home thoroughly. During his inspection, he found that the garage concrete floor had sunk due to the soil around her home expanding, then compressing under the weight of the concrete. To solve her problem, the expert recommended she lift and stabilize her concrete slab with the PolyLevel Concrete Lifting System. PolyLevel is a high-polymer polyurethane foam that is injected under the concrete. The foam then expands, lifting the concrete slowly and accurately. She decided to let Peak Structural permanently solve her problem, and she was thrilled when they completed the service in one afternoon.

Byron from Colorado Springs noticed that his stairs were crumbling and beginning to pull away from his house so he called Peak Structural to help solve his problems. Our team went out and looked at his sinking stairs and foundation and provided Byron with an estimate that would permanently fix all of these issues! The Peak Structural Crew arrived at Byron’s home and got right to work. You can see the difference PolyLevel made for Byron’s front porch and steps in the above photos.

Steve and Cathy had a sidewalk that was beginning to sink and pull away from the front porch so they called Peak Structural. The crew was able to level the sidewalk using our PolyLevel System. Steve and Cathy are thrilled that their sidewalk is no longer sinking into the dirt or pulling away from the front porch!

Sherry is the home owner of a Colorado Springs home. After seeing the gaps between her walls and floors increase, she decided to seek the opinion of a structural expert. Sherry contacted Peak Structural and scheduled free homeowners estimate to find her the best solution. One of our expert design specialists was sent out to the home to properly diagnose the issue. After the initial inspection, the expert sat down with Sherry and explained that her floors were settling. As the most effective solution, she recommended Sherry go with the Polylevel injection to ensure the stabilization of her floors. After seeing what the Polylevel could accomplish, she chose to move forward with the project and is so happy she did!

Michelle had just recently bought a new home. The home was perfect and everything was just as she had expected except the garage. The uneveness of the garage floor was bothering Michelle and every time she drove in to park she could feel the jolt as the tires went over the uneven gap between the two concrete slabs by the garage door. Tired of this everyday nuisance, she called Peak Structural to fix the issue in a conservative, long-term, and cost efficient way: PolyLevel.