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Keeps your basement dry in extreme conditions and power outages!

Triple Pro Sump Pump And BasinThe Triple Pro sump pump system keeps your basement dry with triple the protection. It is expertly engineered to pump more water and use less power that outperforms the competition. It protects your basement with hours of pumping power even when the electricity goes out.

How the Triple Pro works

Its unique design allows it to fit into a compact area but still keep up with the pumping demand. If there’s a power outage, your Triple Pro system will keep operating, thanks to the battery-powered backup pump. Also, you will never hear it running due to its Ultra Quiet performance design.

When choosing a sump pump system for your home, there are several features to consider. Peak Structural’s pumping systems include an alarm, watertight cover and check valve. Learn more about the sump pump accessories that are included in all of our sump pump systems.

Breakdown of the 3 pumps

  • Pump 1 is a heavy-duty 1/2 horsepower (HP) cast-iron Blue Angel pump that is your initial defense pumping up to 3,500 gallons per hour
  • Pump 2 is a 1/2 HP pump that operates automatically if Pump 1 fails or if greater pumping volume is needed (up to 7,000 gallons per hour).
  • Pump 3 is a battery-operated pump that turns on automatically if the power fails.

Advantages & Features of the Triple Pro Sump Pump

  • The specialized lid keeps odors, gases, & liquids out while letting the water in
  • Battery-powered pump protects from flooding during power outages
  • Removable, airtight lid reduces noise and allows for easy inspection/service

Triple Pro Comparison Chart

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