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There are several options for basement waterproofing repair in Denver, Colorado and Colorado Springs, Colorado. It’s important to understand how and why basements can be prone to leaking so you can understand the best repair solution to ensure your basement stays permanently dry!

How and Where Do Basements Leak?

basement waterproofing install option1 exterior excavation
Install Option 1 – Exterior Excavation

This option requires exterior excavation to install a drain tile next to the footer. This drain can clog, which would force the water to find its way into your home. This exterior excavation will also disturb any exterior landscaping or hardscape. Re-disturbing this fill soil can also cause foundation or structural issues for the home. This option is also the most expensive.

Install option 2 - an interior footing drain
Install Option 2 – Interior Footing Drain

This waterproofing option involves installing an interior footing drain below the basement floor slab. This solution does not provide any access for inspecting the drain or a way to clean it out if it becomes clogged. If the drain clogs, water will still enter your basement!

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Install Option 3 - Drytrak
Install Option 3 – DryTrak

With this waterproofing option, the concrete slab floor is scarified and epoxy is used to attach the DryTrak to the concrete. The epoxy will take some maintenance and patching over time to ensure it’s viability. The above floor can become damaged and difficult to finish around. This adhesive will detach over time, which will allow water to leak in. It also does not lower the water table below the home, so water could still enter from beneath.

Install Option 4 – Waterguard

This option is a common solution in the market. Though it drains water from the walls, it does not capture water next to the footer or lower the water table. This may cause efflorescence due to water seepage and this system often minimizes the water flow to the sump pump.

Peak Structural Basement Defense System

The Peak Structural Basement Defense Waterproofing System offers the ULTIMATE protection against basement water! It is the ONLY waterproofing system in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado that drains water from the walls AND lowers the water table below the home for maximum protection against water intrusion!

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