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Basements are often at risk for water damage because they are located below grade and surrounded by soil. This intruding water can come in through leaks or cracks as the soil releases the water it absorbed during rainfall or when the snow melts. Waterproofing the basement can prevent leakage by excessive rain, faulty gutters, snow melt, or even in extreme circumstances, a line of sewer or water pipe that burst near your basement. No matter what the source, the water entering your basement is a problem for a lot of different reasons, and a professional, basement waterproofing contractor is important to ensure your basement stays dry!

Why you need basement waterproofing

Your basement is underground. (if it isn’t, you have a very strange definition of ‘basement’). The problem is that the water flows naturally through the soil. Add to that the fact that generally, your household water heater and other water dependent appliances, reside in the basement, so you have the water hazard in and outside your basement walls.

The humidity in your basement is one thing, but if it reaches the point of standing – even barely perceptible amounts – water, you have other serious problems. The warping of wood, rusting metal, mold and mildew, and rot on fabric are all possibilities when water comes into your basement where it doesn’t belong.

How to find a basement waterproofing contractor

The best time to look at waterproofing your basement is now. Even if you don’t think that you have a problem with your basement, get a professional visit once a year (or every couple of years). Colorado is a dry climate and this year has been particularly dry, however, as the summer monsoons start to roll in after the rough season of wildfires, the threat of flooding becomes a very real danger. You might not need the complete waterproofing treatment right away, but when you notice a smell, musty dripping in the middle of the night or moisture on your basement walls, you will be glad that you have a relationship with a basement waterproofing contractor.

4 Things to Look for in a Basement Waterproofing Contractor:

  1. A current license to do business as a waterproofing contractor.
  2. Specially trained workers who have the skills, background and training to complete the job properly. A lot of contractors claim they do waterproofing, but you want to have the best work on your home so that it’s done right the first time and will give you the peace of mind you need to keep your home dry.
  3. A contractor that can handle a variety of different techniques of waterproofing. If they can’t explain the difference between an interior French drain, a wrap of foundations, and a basic sealing of cracks, probably don’t want them working in your basement.
  4. And finally, you want a team that is available and reasonably priced.

Peak Structural is a dealer of Team Basement Systems, an international network association of over 400 of the best foundation and basement service companies throughout the US, Canada and Europe. With the support of Basement Systems, Peak Structural has a robust, seasoned team of basement waterproofing specialists that have been helping southern Colorado homeowners with their waterproofing needs for over 12 years! Peak Structural is here to help you protect your largest investment with professionalism, integrity and patented, reliable products you can trust. We offer fair, honest pricing and even financing options.

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