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The patented non-clogging system for the ultimate protection against basement water

Peak Structurals Basement Defense System incorporates the best products to ensure a system that will keep you basement DRY. This system is not available through any other contractors.

The basement defense is a dual pipe, non-clogging system designed to protect your basement from all type of water intrusion. The removable covers allow for inspection and/ or servicing for all Basement Defense changes and allow convenient access for a continuous humidifier. Basement Defense by Peak Structural is the Ultimate Basement Water Proofing solution that combines the very best in basement drainage technology to keep your basement permanently dry.

How It Works

The GUARDIAN® collects basement water seepage right where it occurs, the wall/floor joint. With its compact size, the GUARDIAN® track is designed to install quickly on the footer, limiting the amount of concrete that needs to be removed and replaced. The GUARDIAN®’s wall flange guides water seepage from weep-holes down to the drainage channel below. Making for a clean and professional installation. Its open back design lets water move freely and quickly without “bottlenecks.” Add our Trip Pro sump pump system to give you complete protection against water seepage!

Unique Patent Design

The Guardian drainage system has a patented profile that includes a wall flange with spacers for collecting wall seepage, channel holes that allow ground water to enter the drain line, and a large-diameter channel that can’t crush or kink like standard plastic drain tile can. The drainage channel is hidden beneath a layer of concrete. Only the top edge of the wall flange is visible, so you’ll hardly know it’s there.

Advantages of the Guardian Drainage System

  • Will not allow water to wash in and out of the system
  • Nearly invisible when installed
  • Faster, easier and less expensive to install than exterior drainage systems
  • Rugged plastic construction will never corrode or decay

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