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Peter Crain

Title: Sales Manager


Peter and his wife, Deena, have four beautiful daughters. Peter enjoys family hikes, camping, games, dinner parties, music, and playing poker tournaments. He loves to go on long walks with Deena!

Peter’s Story:  

Peter worked in residential real estate for over 10 years. As a licensed realtor, he witnessed hundreds of home inspections and gained a thorough understanding of a home’s construction, giving him the experience needed to become an expert in system design and structural diagnosis.

Peter’s ability to see foundation repair, waterproofing, and crawlspace encapsulation from both a resale and long-term living perspective makes him a valuable asset to the Peak Team.

Before joining Peak, Peter completed comprehensive training in designing solutions for our customers’ waterproofing and foundation repair needs at Foundation Support Works. He is a Certified Waterproofing Professional and a Certified Foundation Repair Specialist.

Peter takes personal responsibility to WOW each customer on every job and is a trusted and valued member of the Peak team. When asked why Peter enjoys working for Peak he said, “It is a great chance to help customers enhance financial equity and environmental quality with service that they can’t find anywhere else.”