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Lisa Sutton

Title: Co-Founder

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Family: Lisa has been married to her husband, Paul, for 34 years! They have 4 children together and one beautiful granddaughter named Promise and a grandson named Bravery.

Hobbies: Lisa loves taking care of her grandchildren, getting together with friends and date nights with her husband. She loves to hike, climb the incline, and go on walks. She also enjoys working on genealogy and reading books. Her plan is to learn how to play golf, ha!

Lisa’s Story: Originally from Overland Park, Kansas, Lisa still has a sister and her family there.  Lisa met her husband, Paul, in Dallas at college, got married in 1984, and settled down in Kansas City. The family moved to Colorado in 1997, as they loved the outdoors and found the Springs to be a very family oriented place. Lisa and Paul homeschooled their kids for 10 years. They have 4 kids – Bo, Brooke, Jessica and Justice – and a goldendoodle named Chief.

Prior to coming on board with Peak, Lisa was an RN. During that time, she served on the school board for 2 three-year terms. Now, Lisa participates in management meetings and provides input for the strategic direction of the organization.